How to Make Your Floors Pet-Friendly: Tips for Pet Owners from the Pros

If you’re a pet owner, you know how important it is to create a safe and comfortable living space for your furry friends. This includes making sure your floors are pet-friendly. In this blog, we’ll go over some tips from the pros on how to make your floors pet-friendly.


Choose the right flooring material

One of the most important things you can do to make your floors pet-friendly is to choose the right flooring material. Some materials, like hardwood and bamboo, can scratch easily and are susceptible to water damage. On the other hand, materials like tile and vinyl are more durable and resistant to damage. If you prefer hardwood or bamboo, make sure to choose a harder species and consider adding a protective finish.


Use area rugs and runners

Area rugs and runners can help protect your floors from scratches and stains caused by your pets. They also provide a soft surface for your pets to walk and lay on. Make sure to choose rugs and runners that are easy to clean and washable. If you have a larger space to cover, consider using carpet tiles or carpet squares that can be easily replaced if damaged.


Keep your pet’s nails trimmed

Regularly trimming your pet’s nails can help prevent scratches on your floors. If you’re not comfortable trimming your pet’s nails, consider taking them to a groomer or veterinarian for nail trims.


Clean up accidents promptly

Accidents happen, especially with young pets or those who are still being trained. It’s important to clean up any accidents promptly to prevent stains and odors from setting in. Use a pet-specific cleaner that’s safe for your flooring material.


Use pet-friendly cleaning products

When cleaning your floors, use pet-friendly cleaning products. Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets if ingested or inhaled. Look for cleaning products that are labeled as pet-safe and non-toxic.


Provide plenty of toys and scratching posts

Pets need an outlet for their energy and natural behaviors. Providing plenty of toys and scratching posts can help prevent your pets from scratching or damaging your floors out of boredom or frustration.


By following these tips, you can make your floors pet-friendly and create a safe and comfortable living space for your furry friends. Remember, prevention and regular maintenance are key to keeping your floors looking great for years to come. Call us today and schedule your appointment!